Nurturing Community Connections

Parent Involvement Preschools are different from other preschools because they offer a more inclusive, collaborative and transparent educational environment. At Tom Thumb, parents/caregivers, children and teachers all contribute to and participate in a creative learning environment for growth. Parents have the opportunity to be with their child and support the teachers in the classroom (varies depending on age of child) and to have a voice in the administration of their child’s school.

"I NEVER thought I was the parent involvement type. In fact, I firmly claimed that I was a ‘drop-off-and-run-away’ type parent. But I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have valued my association with this little school community.  The actual ‘workload’ of this parent involvement school is quite minimal, and the community-building, friendship-making, family-minded atmosphere has been far more abundant than I had imagined. I have grown so much as a parent thanks to the invaluable parent-education nights, and the ongoing friendships with like-minded families".
-Denise Gasser

Enrichment for Parents:

Tom Thumb is not just for your children: it connects families, supports parent resilience and nurtures lasting friendships.

  • Free parenting education workshops 
  • Monthly morning coffee gatherings
  • Opportunity to participate in many family-centered fundraising events
  • Adult evening socials
  • Summer beach gatherings