Welcome to Our Day!

  • High adult-to-child ratios (maximum of 16 students and 2-3 adults per class)
  • Free play and directed play activites
  • Reggio Emilia-inspired approach: engaging, creative centres that evolve as children’s interests deepen (student-led)
  • Bright, open spaces
  • Practice socialization skills with snack time
  • Gross motor time in custom designed, enclosed outdoor space or in large gymnasium on site
  • Circle time with more structure geared at assisting with age-appropriate literacy and numeracy skills

Program Enrichment

Through the eyes of a child every new experience can be magical. Special classroom visitors and local field trips enrich the core program and inspire curiosity, exploration, and discovery. The following is just a sample of some of our favorite activities. Field trips outside the classroom are targeted primarily for the 3/4's program. 

  • VSO Early Years program musical workshop

  • Teddy Bear Clinic with UBC Med Students

  • Tour of the Dentist Office

  • Local Park trips
  • Autumn walk in Pacific Spirit Park
  • Visit to Southlands Farm 
  • Library field trip
  • Visits from local artists
  • Will Stroet music day

  • Hatch baby chicks
  • Exotic animal guests with Urban Safari 
  • Sportball fun day
  • Firehall visit
  • Mindfulness and yoga day
  • Jericho Beach day
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"Being at Tom Thumb is like coming home to the warm, cozy place we all want to surround our children with. The preschool's Reggio-inspired, play-based curriculum is exactly what I was looking for. Everything is hands-on, and every day offers something new. With brilliant classroom setups, adorable and engaging field trips, special expert class visitors, and wonderfully experienced teachers, my children have loved their time here. My son attends kindergarten with friends from the 2s class, and my daughter is thrilled when it's a preschool day."
-Harper Hadden