AT TOM THUMB PRESCHOOL, Families have been connecting and children have been learning through play for over 70 years.  

We offer a Toddler program (Friday mornings), where parents/caregivers stay with the children to learn and play together. Our mixed 3/4 year old morning class has the option of 2 or 4 sessions a week. We have a maximum of 16 students and 2-3 adults per class. Our classroom is a bright and open space in St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Dunbar. Parents/caregivers actively participate in the running of the school and supporting the teachers on occasional duty days. Tom Thumb is a wonderful environment for children and parents to learn new skills, meet new friends, and be part of an engaged community.


Play is a Child's Work

We believe that learning through play is the cornerstone of quality early childhood programs. It is through play that children have the essential opportunities to explore, experiment, and learn about themselves and their world. Our well-crafted program provides both free play and directed play activities to foster self confidence, creativity, socialization, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We offer a flexible student-led environment that allows teachers and children to create learning together. Learn more about play Here!

Whole Child Approach

We believe that human learning, growth and development are interrelated and intertwined. Through our experiential curriculum, we meet the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of the child and foster a positive attitude towards this first important school experience. Each child is unique with a distinct family history, learning style, and temperament, and we support their needs and perspective accordingly. 

"Love, love it. Tom Thumb is a warm, cozy little space for little beings to evolve and create. We love the sense of connectedness and community that comes with the school and the other families."
-Sharon Janzen