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2 Yr Olds


9:30am -11:30am

Enrolls 16 Children

Parent or Caregiver to
Remain with Child



2 Days
3/4 Yr Olds

Monday/Wednesday or

9:15am -12:15pm

Enrolls 16 Children

Child Attends Independently

Periodic Parent Duty Day


3/4 Yr Olds

Monday to Thursday


Enrolls 16 Children

Child Attends Independently 

Periodic Parent Duty Day



Tom Thumb is Unique!

  • Welcoming community of families
  • Program enrichment through community field trips and guest visits from local musicians, artists, professionals and specialists
  • Experienced and quality Early Childhood Educators
  • High adult-to-child ratio
  • Inclusive, collaborative and transparent educational environment
  • Bright, open indoor space
  • Custom-designed outdoor play area: enclosed play space with tire swing, wooden buildings and boat, age-appropriate climbing wall, large sand pits, running water
  • Access to large gymnasium for rainy day gross motor movement and play
  • Wonderful legacy of being an established community institution for over 70 years!
"As a returning parent enjoying my second child’s experience at Tom Thumb, I feel even more of the benefits and strengths of this dear place. The fantastic teachers provide a warm and stimulating environment, the space is bright and inviting, and the community is welcoming and inclusive. As a professional who works with children, I am struck by a ‘bigger picture’ essence that Tom Thumb embodies and that I believe serves parents and children so well in their journey as a family: a caring, connected community where little ones thrive, learn and discover."
-Erin Bruchet
"We’ve been at Tom Thumb now for over 2 years and LOVE it. Teachers are warm and inviting and give each child the attention they need. We’ve built many lasting relationships with other families and feel a real sense of community at the school. The space is bright and inviting, displaying lots of colourful artwork and photos. We also love the new playground out back. If you’re looking for a great preschool experience for your wee one on their journey into learning, Tom Thumb is the place!"
-Melissa Running