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a caring, connected community

Science-with-oil-and-watercAs a returning parent enjoying my second child’s experience at Tom Thumb, I feel even more of the benefits and strengths of this dear place. The fantastic teachers provide a warm and stimulating environment, the space is bright and inviting, and the community is welcoming and inclusive. As a professional who works with children, I am struck by a ‘bigger picture’ essence that Tom Thumb embodies and that I believe serves parents and children so well in their journey as a family: a caring, connected community where little ones thrive, learn and discover. -Erin Bruchet  

An Experience so rich and full

I NEVER thought I was the parent involvement type. In fact I firmly claimed that I was a ‘drop-off-and-run-away’ type parent, so imagine my surprise when I ended up choosing Tom Thumb as the preschool for my oldest son and LOVING every minute of it. My experience with this school has been so rich and full I genuinely can’t imagine it any other way. I am back again with my second son and am so excited for him to grow in this community. Their Reggio inspired, play based curriculum is exactly what I was looking for. Everything is hands-on, and every day is something new. With brilliant classroom setups, adorable and engaging field trips, special expert class visitors, and wonderfully experienced teachers, my sons have loved their time here, and my oldest was well prepared for kindergarten. In addition to the wonderful experience for my children, I was surprised how much the experience has meant for me. The actual ‘workload’ aspect of this parent involvement school was more minimal than I had anticipated, and the community-building, friendship-making, family-like aspect was far more abundant than I could have imagined. I have grown so much as a parent thanks to the invaluable parent-education nights, and the ongoing friendships with like-minded families. I’m sure the ‘drop-off-and-run-away’ option would have been easier, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. -Denise Gasser  

Lots of attention

Tom Thumb grocery storeWe’ve been at Tom Thumb now for over 2 years and LOVE it. Teachers are warm and inviting and give each child the attention they need. We’ve built many lasting relationships with other families and feel a real sense of community at the school. The space is bright and inviting, displaying lots of colourful artwork and photos. We also love the new playground out back. If you’re looking for a great preschool experience for your wee one on their journey into learning, Tom Thumb is the place! -Melissa Running  
Amazing!Tom Thumb Preschool is an amazing school! The teachers are wonderful and the space cozy and inviting. My daughters both thrived during their preschool years there and it was such a great community for us. I made some really great friends as did my children! I would and do recommend Tom Thumb to everyone!
Love it!This is my son’s first year at a parent participation preschool and we love it. You get to know the children,teachers and parents on such a different level. This is such a lovely little school with fantastic teachers and a fantastic sense of community. -Melissa Running

Lovely sense of connectedness

12Love, love. Tom Thumb is a warm, cozy little space for little beings to evolve and create. We love the sense of connectedness and community that comes with the school and the other families -Sharon Janzen  

Learning through play

oct newsletter 1Tom Thumb Preschool has been my teaching home for the past 11 years. I feel so very fortunate to have joined such a supportive and caring community of families and feel truly honored to play a role in fostering their children’s love of learning through play. This year marks a major milestone, as it is my daughter’s first year of preschool, and my first year as a parent in the preschool. To see her experience the care and nurturing guidance from my colleagues in our fabulous teaching team, to see her build relationships with her peers and feel secure in such a safe and engaging setting, to see her eyes light up when it is a preschool morning… that is what I have cherished as an early childhood educator all these years with the many families that have been a part of our little preschool, and now to have the opportunity to see my own child experience it, what more could I ask for! -Patricia Sauer

An Inviting & Stimulating Environment

Tom Thumb is located at St. Philip’s Church on 27 th Avenue in the heart of Dunbar. We are fortunate to have two bright classrooms filled with a rich assortment of quality play materials and equipment. We also have an extensive children’s library as well as parenting books for adults.

Our outside play area includes a large climbing apparatus, a tire swing, painting easels, garden and a sand box. On rainy days, we also have access to a gym and the use of tricycles and climbing equipment.

Tom Thumb Parent Involvement Preschool 3737 West 27 th Avenue St Philip’s Church 604-222-2550